Saturday, 18 April 2009

That was a surprise

We were expecting to meet in our usual room on the 17th, but, it being the school holidays, there was an art class taking place. I would have liked a little notice of this, as knitting in the shop is very different and it is a little more difficult to communicate with everyone because of the layout. Having said that, there was a good turnout and we welcomed new members, Christina and Ursula.

Fiona brought along some completed projects - her teacosy which did duty on the pot at teatime, and a stunning lacy pattern scarf in Posh Yarn 'Pucker Up'. She's promised to email me some photos for this Blog.

I finally finished 'Something Blue' and bit the bullet and blocked it. Thanks to members of the Posh Yarn Group on Ravelry, this was slightly easier than I imagined, although I hadn't reckoned on sleeping in the guest room while it dried. I'm quite pleased with the finished product, despite the two mistakes that needed covering up with beads. Like the first one in red, it knitted up much longer than the pattern suggested and grew with the blocking.

There will be a meeting next week, 24th, (I'll be at The Daughter's wedding) and the group will be in the shop again.

I've had a look at the new program and it looks as though we will be in the shop throughout the Summer Term as there are workshops scheduled for Friday mornings.

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