Friday, 1 October 2010

1st October at The Radcliffe

Sixteen knitters braved the wind and rain to try The Radcliffe for the second time. They had obviously taken Pat's comments/criticism to heart as they had set out plates of home made biscuits and cakes "on the house" to make up for their failings the last time! Very nice they were too, although there was far too much for even 16 of us to eat, so as we are all against waste, we decided that it was our duty to help them out by taking some home. We were provided with one long table which just accommodated all of us. The only down side was that those of us seated against the wall were a bit hemmed in. Drinks were served to us, and the service was cheerful and speedy, so no complaints there. We decided to have our next meeting on the 15th at The Sun and then take a vote on which we venue we prefer.

Notable highlights: Jane finished her socks and Eileen has started a new scarf!

edited by Pat to add photo

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