Friday, 12 April 2013

Thank you for your support

There was a wonderful turnout this morning and I feel much more optimistic about the Festival of Living Crafts event at Hatfield. We have had offers of 'Learn to Knit' sessions from Alicia and Philippa and from Chris, who organises Hearts and Crafts, our Letchworth neighbours.

I am sure we will put on a terrific display each day. I hope those of you who attend will have a good time, knitting and talking to visitors about what it means to you to belong to Hitchin Stitchin'.

Here's just one example of the terrific items I received today for our table display - an exquisite beaded collar and beaded shawl, by Enid.

A bonus for me, when I arrived home after the meeting, there was a parcel from the Hand Knitters' Association with sets of beginners' knitting needles (short), crochet hooks, and copies of the Craft Club Hanbook ( beginner's lessons)

I've said it before but it bears repeating many times - this group is wonderful.

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