Tuesday, 16 February 2016

What a talented and generous group

Several members are knitting for a very good cause, our local NHS Trust at the Lister Hospital.

Twiddle muffs
Several NHS Trusts are issuing the pattern and appealing for volunteers to make them for their dementia patients. Some people refer to them as Sensory Bands.

They are knitted as a strip approximately 23" long. The lining is knitted in a plain colour and the outer done in all sorts of colours and textures- the more varied the better.

Then different items are firmly attached both inside and out- buttons, ribbons, beads- anything that can be "twiddled".

One knitter has put a lot of thought into hers. She added a knitted pocket for tissues or other items and even sewed a small bell between the outer and the lining so it could be felt as well as heard.

Apparently, some dementia patients keep fidgeting with their hands and the muffs can be calming. They can also be put over cannulas to help prevent the patient removing those.

Some patients take their muff home,so hospitals are always in need of replacements.

Some years ago, the group was interested in a woad dyeing workshop run at the Pavillion,  Triangle Community Garden. Unfortunately, the workshop was cancelled.

This year,one of our group (Grania) has ventured into dyeing. This is one of her latest projects; a beautiful lace shawl with yarn died using Sainsbury's Red Label Tea Bags.

The photo doesn't do the colours justice, although you can just see the difference in the way two different yarns took up the colour.

Perhaps Grania might run a tea-dyeing workshop for us, if we can find a suitable venue?

Speaking of Workshops, The details of our birthday-bash will be coming to this Blog soon. Watch this space ....