Friday, 10 June 2016

Triangle Community Garden

yarn bomb, to coincide with International Yarn Bombing Day and the Triangle Garden's Open Day.

Philippa, Andy, Helen, and Angela set up the yarnbomb this morning. It will run from today until Sunday evening. Exhibits provided by Festiwool, Woolly Chic, and Hitchin Sitchin (plus honorary members, Nuala  (my  SiL), visiting from Germany (poppies), and Marnee, from Norfolk (bees) ),

The pergola and mosaic in the winter, waiting for the flowers to bloom.

Past the bike

Through the entrance

to the pergolas-in-bloom

Explore the garden and see how many yarn exhibits you can find.

Some will be up high, among the trees,

others will be on the ground, amid the wildflowers

Can you find the lollipop tree? Ot the giant strawberries? There are lots of plants and their friends hidden along the paths. If you get lost, just follow the bunting.

Can you tell which of these roses, in the collage, are real, and which are woolly?

Amid the flowers, you may spot some flowers' friends

Visit the Triangle Community Garden over the weekend

 and meet some of the creators in the Marquee on the Open Day.

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