Friday, 4 February 2011

All-day workshop

Patchwork session

Hitchin Stitchin' had a very successful workshop today. We welcomed a new member, Elizabeth, who joined in with the Patchwork session, expertly led by Linda.

The Sun Hotel allowed us free use of the second, smaller conference room which was ideal for Linda's purposes.

Some regulars couldn't make it and were missed, especially Alicia who was going to run a repeat of her 'professional finishing' workshop. I was disappointed by this as I was going to make a second attempt at finishing the cropped bolero which has been waiting for almost two years. It's now finished, thanks to Jenny (on the right) who heard my complaints, tried to help me finish it off, and finally twigged that my whining was a plea for her to do it for me.
Dorset button

An ad hoc 'button making' session filled Alicia's slot and I now have the perfect button to add to my bolero once I've finished weaving in the ends.

Drop-spindle spinning

The drop spindle spinning tuition went ahead as planned. Martina demonstrated throughout the day and set people going whenever they showed an interest.

I, unfortunately, had to give up just as I was getting the hang of it as my right hand (the one holding and teasing the fleecy stuff) suddenly flared up in a mass of hot blotches. Seems I am allergic to lanolin - a common complaint but one of which I was unaware until today.

Jane's spinning wheel

Jane and Martina also demonstrated spinning with a wheel throughout the day. At one point, Martina brought out the torture device (a carding machine) and showed us how it worked.

Hitchin Stitchin' lunch

A very big thank you to everyone who helped make this day such a great event.

Special thanks to the staff at The Sun Hotel for the smooth running of the catering, especially the lunch which met everyone's requirements and was delicious.


  1. I had an excellent day. Thanks to all those who were involved! I even managed to do some drop spindling without too much of the 'drop' element! Thanks also to Martina for letting me have a go at the drum carder - great fun. I really must not buy one myself ... no, really ...

  2. So sorry I had to miss it - glad it was a success and I look forward to the next one!