Friday, 9 December 2011

'Tis the season

Setting out the food

for having fun and celebrating the friendships formed through the knitting group, by attending the Kristmus Koffee Knitting session. The food was fabulous and the coffee and tea provided by the Sun Hotel was excellent.

Krismus Koffee Knitting

The members of Hitchin Stitchin' are a very thoughtful bunch. There was gluten-free chocolate and orange cake, gluten-free sandwiches and dairy-free tea-bread, as well as the usual offerings of mince pies and sausage rolls and some very upmarket smoked salmon rolls and spicey samosas.

The Angel

We had a minor panic at the beginning as there was no heat in our usual meeting room The Angel. The hotel has had some renovations done recently  and the staff had yet to get to grips with the new boiler. Great efforts were made on our behalf, two portable heaters were brought in but were not needed as the radiators finally began to give out heat.

Advice and ideas shared
More Krismus Koffee Knitting

There was some knitting going on throughout the morning with the usual exchange of ideas and advice. Then we had great fun with Secret Santa, thanks to Pam's fast-paced story that had us all passing parcels to the left and right and collapsing in helpless laughter.

What a wonderful way to end another great year.

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