Friday, 28 September 2012

A very interesting morning

at Hitchin Stitchin' this morning.

One of our new(ish) members, Helen gave a presentation about her exciting venture into running a small business from home.

Helen often wondered why it was so difficult to source Welsh yarn when she visited the family farm in Pembrokeshire.

All those fields full of sheep. What happened to the fleeces after shearing?

Starting with fleeces from the family farm, she sourced a company who would spin for her and went through the complicated process of getting the resultant yarn acredited as Welsh.

Most 'British Breeds' yarn comes in natural, undyed, colours, but Helen wanted to provide for the growing market that wanted dyed versions.

Adding yarn from North Wales' farms, she developed a business plan and launched Woolly Chic, concentrating  on small crochet kits and dyed Welsh Yarn

The sheep (T-cosy) on the left won third prize at the County Show.

Hitchin Stitchin' wishes Helen success in her new venture. How lovely that we have our very own Welsh Yarn company right on our doorstep.

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