Friday, 4 March 2016

Birthday Workshop

Hitchin Stitchin'

What a great turnout for Hitchin Stitchin's 7th birthday.

birthday cake

At the time of the cake cutting, I counted 33 members.

We were also celebratng Alicia's (yesterday)  and Angela's (today) birthdays.

We sang the traditional birthday song to us - Hitchin Stitichin'.

The workshops were a great success thanks to

professional finishing

Jane, for demonstrating drop spindle spinning and wheel spinning. I didn't get any shots of Jane in action. She is in the background, at her wheel in this photo.

Alicia, for demonstrating professional finishing techniques,

advanced crochet

Andy for teaching a new crocheted construction,

Beginning crochet

Helen, for teaching beginner's crochet,

Philippa for demonstrating arm knitting and finger knitting. (Again there is no shot of Phillipa in action.) She's in the background in this photo, with her back to the camera,

Continental knitting

and Tanja for teaching the continental style of knitting.

jewelery making

I thought that the beading workshop was going to be knitting with beads, but it was a full-blown jewelry-making workshop, with all the materials and tools provided by a relatively new member.

hard at work

There is a great diversity of talent and skill in this group, and a generous sharing of those skills and knowledge. Thank you to everyone who attended and participated. I hope you all enjoyed it.