Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Woad dyeing workshop

I contacted the webmistress at The Triangle Garden site about the possiblity of a Woad Dyeing workshop this year.

This is the reply I had yesterday.

"Our natural dyeing workshops are run by local dyers and spinners Ashley Walker and Susan Dye. We have no dyeing workshops planned for this year but would be happy to organize one for your group, dependent on the availability of the tutors. I will contact them to find out if and when they might be able to run a workshop for us/you."

Can you let me know how many people roughly would be interested in taking part please.

I've replied asking for costing for between 10-12 people.

Watch this space.

While you're watching (and waiting for an update), you might like to download the Woad Dyeing Factsheeet (Opens in a new tab) Can you spot one of our members in the photographs from last year?